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21 / Male / Broken Hearted
Raccoon City, Pennsylvania - United States
Friends: @Gingerboii, @KorinDayne @MisunderstoodSnake.

I do one liners, but i guess i can try anything once. (Nothing gay, i dont run like that)

Enemies: @succybus, @PoisonSenpai, generally anyone who hates my rp style.

@Rhaeasoul is my loving mom. Hurt her and i break you.

Always thrown away like garbage.

I'll at least try to do two lines. To all those who have a problem with my rp style.

Latest Status

@LeannaKingsley you dont have anything on your profile, nothing about being selective anyway.
0  Dec 9th 2019 20:34

Latest Comments

Um ok we've been friends for a whole now but ok I guess :/
Nov 24th 2019 11:57

We didn't even discuss a roleplay you sent a friend request and never said anything until now
Nov 24th 2019 11:55

That would have been VERY horrible...
Oct 1st 2019 07:25

Kind of
Oct 1st 2019 07:25

Of course not...
Oct 1st 2019 07:23

Okay. I'm sorry.
Oct 1st 2019 07:21

I am, actually...
Oct 1st 2019 07:17

I'm sorry...
Oct 1st 2019 07:11

Sep 30th 2019 20:33

I was not!
Sep 30th 2019 20:31