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30 / Male / Single
Alabama - United States

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Well hello! We are the Dark creations of the lovely Miss Ruby. Let us start by saying that we are a MATURE set of ladies, and gents, and as such do not play with anyone under the age of 18 for many reasons. Please do not try and push this as it is just a personal choice on our creators behalf. Violence, gore, Explicit content, and other such things are enjoyed and encouraged.

Now then.... Our creator is an MCRP, or Multi-Character RolePlayer. This means you get your pick of a character from her albums/blog, or she will also make special ones, if you ask me nicely that is. We enjoy when she makes these characters. But please do jump down our Mistresses throat because you do not agree with them. If we displease you in our creation or back stories then please remove us from your list. But is you wish for our creator to make a special one just for you then please message her and ask, nicely, and she will do the best she can. Please give details of what you are looking for in this new character so that our Mistress may, to the best of her ability, make your dream woman, or man.

We hope to start up some wonderful stories with you all and look forward to seeing what we can create! Please do contact our Mistress should you wish to create a story
Mar 21st 2016 00:07