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Something strange happens. In the middle of the night, just outside the gates of Shiirhuang, a yellow portal opens.
Two youngs come out of it, a girl and a boy. They are dirty, with ruined clothes and they look destroyed, broken...
The two come from the future.


Qing dies due to his conditions getting worse, without all the proper care. This tragic event is only the beginning...
After Qing's death, LianBi leaves the throne in the hands of Gidae, the Crown Prince. Gidae, regardless the right attitude and the good will, was not ready to rule yet and because of this, many factions turn against him. He keeps struggling a lot, Peng helps him the best she can but nothing seems enough.
One day, the most powerful of the factions manage to poison Gidae, taking the throne by force. To rule, the first Empress in the history, Kim Sa Hyun.

At the same time... Months later the wedding of Haru and PaOh, Mako shows up by Jichen's manor with a baby. "Now he is your problem." They had a crazy night, both were very drunk and it happened.
It is so sudden. He remains a little shocked at the beginning and asks "Can you prove that he is my son?"
"You were the only man I was with, in the last months. Make a few counts."

The Empress soon starts to prove herself selfish and careless of the people. One of the factions at the council she has against, is always Shinobi's. That's why she begins to discriminate the Shinobi, making the life very hard for Haru and other known Shinobi, in the Empire. In the first years it is only discrimination, but then it turns into pure hate and soon, Imperials start to hunt down Shinobi. Haru and the others are forced to move to Shiixia, for their protection.
Jichen remains behind and tries to hide the fact that Shiko is one of them. He didn't tell it to him but one day, at school and after physical education, when the children were changing their clothes, one of them points Shiko and starts to accuse him to be a Shinobi because of a symbol on his shoulder. The birthmark of Hiro.
Jichen knows that something like that could spread fast and turn into a big problem, so he takes Shiko and escapes from the city. Some days after he has to ask for help to the last person he would like to ask a favour to, but the only one that could sincerely help him. He asked PaOh.
Jichen and Shiko arrived to Shixia with the others. For Shiko is everything so strange but at least the presence of NoriYori and other known relatives help him.
They apparently have some year of peace there, but a Shinobi betrays them all and point to the Empire the exact location of Shiixia to have his life spared.
They are forced to abandon Shixia fast and Haru, PaOh, Jichen and their children leave together, finding shelter in the North.
They keep being hunted down, though.

Haru, while hiding and thinking Noriyori is asleep, goes to talk with PaOh. She is exhausted and desperate. She usually never cries in presence of Gamja, it is the first time she hears Haru cry.
"What can we do? She cannot continue to live like this, it is only about time they find us even here..." Haru sobs, glancing at the 'sleeping' Noriyori. "We have to save her..."

Days later, the Imperials find them and surrounded the place, blocking every way out.
Noriyori remains with Shiko in a room, looking emotionless. Haru, PaOh and Jichen meanwhile, try to find a solution but what can they do?
When they all realize there is not a way out for them, they take a drastic decision. Together, with all the power they have, they create a portal for the past. Haru gives Noriyori some quick explaination of what she has to avoid but she bursts into tears and refuses to leave. She pushes her through the portal and Shiko too, but that's when the Imperials break in and as they guessed before, they don't make it in time to save themselves as well, they just block the way until the portal closes completely.

Noriyori falls on her knees and and bursts into tears, shouting loudly. "UMMA! APPA! WHY?!" It takes some time for her to calm down...
When she gets back to herself, more or less, she grabs Shiko and starts to pull him. First, they head to Jichen's manor, then to Haru and PaOh's but there they don't find anyone.
The builders though, give her the address of where the two are living, so Shiko and Noriyori head to the Gisaeng Inn.
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Reporting to the Generals

After spending a lot of time with KiTae, he returns to the Generals to report everything he heard from him.
They all gather around him, to hear, since he could have really important informations. Even HyunKi approaches him, hopeful. WooJin gives him a strange look but then glances at everyone. ''I have very worryingly news... you have to know right away. He said, I heard it coming out of his mouth, he said his abeoji is inside the Imperial Palace!
And he is in touch with several serial killers, he said he blowed up an island. He must be an experienced engineer!
One more thing...Commandant?''
HyunKi is so surprised by everything, he didn't expect KiTae could really be that dangerous. ''Ye?''
''Someone should go to control him, I would not trust to leave him alone. We need someone very capable to keep an eye on him.''
''I'll go, and my guards must stay alert and start looking for Yama.'' HyunKi indeed leaves.
WooJin is such a cunning wench, it is useless. He looks at the Generals very seriously when he leaves. ''I have serious doubts about the Commandant, Your Excellencies... KiTae, he said Commandant Hu is the ex boyfriend of Haru, that he has never accepted that he got dumped by her for his own father... he could have known about Shinobi from the beginning and caused all this himself, just to have revenge on her!''
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