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She is out of her mind because of Mun not talking to her. She doesn't even think it is because of Haru being Empress or she would be even more disappointed in her.
Maybe to make the other somehow jealous, she starts to hang out with Tomiel like she used to, with Mun. She even decides to bring Tomiel with her in one of their favorite pubs.

She is waiting to meet up with Tomiel near her home. MoonBin is accompanying Tomiel to her. "Have fun tonight. I might be busy all evening with the books I took from the library but call me when I will have to come to take you home!"
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1 | 41 Comments | Nov 7th 2019 11:24

Is it over?

When she fell, she died, without even suffering much but she remained literally dead there for some hour.
She suddenly opened her eyes and to her own surprise, she is feeling a lot of pain. She barely manages to move and the pain mainly comes from her head, she groans a lot.
Actually she feels so much pain that she cries. She tries to raise her arms but it is too hard and eventually she remembers where she is and what happened. What is it? How am I alive? All my bones are broken? - she keeps asking herself.
She sobs a little and aims to gather some strength. "Florian! Oppa!" She shouts but that planet is more dead than Zimkesha. Again with a lot of effort, she rolls to the side and tries to crawl but doesn't go far.
She doesn't know what to do buy she feels she hasn't the strength to do anything.

Another hour goes by and she feels slightly better. She is healing fast but for the standard, it is being very slow. This due to the lack of life of that place, she cannot take any life force.
She manages to summon there the Binding of Zim and she summons there the demon. "Call for help, go..."
Zim is always stubborn at the idea of leaving the book. "I-..."
"I order you!" She says, sounding exasperated and exhausted.

So Zim travels on Earth, then to Nortrig to find someone to warn, able to go to take Noriyori.
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1 | 34 Comments | May 8th 2019 16:45

Soul Gem

Vormir. That's where they have to go to retrive one of the gems they still need.
After proper rest, she prepares herself to go there but without warning the others, overconfident she can do everything on her own. She doesn't easily team up, it is clear by now.
She walks outside, followed by the book. In the gardens, she starts to make the portal for Vormir, at the correct timing.
Florian ends up going with her, even if she acts displeased and cold at it, still wanting to behave like a wench.
She remains silent most of the time while on the way to the top but at the sudden arrival of Red Skull, she takes her schythe. As he makes all the explainations though, she lowers it and follows him.

Only when on top, Red Skull finally says what it takes to earn the Gem. Give away something they love.
She is stunned and surprised to know but she hurries to say. " I'll do it!" Of course though, it is impossible to convince them who should do it. They struggle to prevent each other from doing it but eventually Noriyori freezes Florian and after a last glance, she jumps down. She dies, breaking her head and bones.
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The "First" Time Travel.

After coming up with the idea, BangSul and Noriyori went to propose it to others as well, to discuss decide the best moments for the time travel as well.
They begin with the easiest to pick, apparently, that is the Tesseract in New York just a few years before.
Noriyori goes, to make the portal back for the others. She has to follow them, being she clueless where to go, but they have to fight their way to the Avengers Tower.
When everything seems to be close to the end, Hulk comes downstairs and basically throws the Tesseract in the hands of Loki, that escapes right away.
She swears every God, saint and whatever as that happens and takes her head in hands. "F***! How can you be so f***ing clumsy, for f***'s sake!"
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Binding of Zim

She goes out with the book, not feeling like to remain inside with the others after that stupid, pointless argument.
She just finds a place where she sits and starts to read further among the creepy pages of the book. The language is strange, unlike anything she has ever seen before but somehow she manages to read it without issues. She gives a try to a few spells, managing to summon more ghosts there, that she sends to find informations about Thanos in the other worlds she knows.
She is not done there but suddenly Tero comes to her. "Nori, don't you want to come in and eat?"
She raises an eyebrow and frowns. "Cannot you see I am busy? Aniyo, I am not desperately crying as if that a**hole hurt my feelings, I am working!"
Tero snorts, baffled. "Do what you want, I tried. Keep working here all night." He waves his hand off.
"That's what I'll do, shoo away." And as soon as Tero leaves, she turns the pages till the last. "Let's summon this a**hole of Zim." She prepares the symbol for the ritual on the ground and reads the formula. She gets pushed back a little and around there is a lot of smoke, when it fades, Zim is revealed. It is completely black but with a purple aura, only one eye, long arms and claws. "Sh*t, you are ugly."
Zim raises his middle finger at her. "And I should serve you?" He says, looking up.
"You f***ing have to. Though change look, cannot I customize?" She takes the book well, reading more. "You are a powerful sh*t, you can even possess people?"
"I protect the book and its secrets. If you send me away, it will remain unprotected."
"I see. Who would want that a**holes to put their hands on my things." She shrugs. "Return inside, I will get more ghosts."
"You can manipulate them too, to possess, to kill."
"I...kind of knew already." She turns a few pages.
"Use the knowledge well, nothing has to be revealed."
"Though, can you find out faster than others where is Thanos? Don't try to lie!"
"Aniyo. How would I?"
She sighs at his words. "There's no way to put our hands on that scum...yah, Zim. I know the Goddess doesn't want me to summon auriold ghosts, but what if I did?"
"Auriold ghosts are harder to control, you wouldn't be able to bring here a big number. I'd suggest you don't."
She rolls her eyes. "Such boring asses. I will just go on reading the book."
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0 | 28 Comments | Apr 30th 2019 13:49