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Another point of view

Elton followed the entire story but still didn't meet the peacock, so here's the chance.
She goes to school, feeling a bit down overall. She needs to follow a Space lesson, thankfully every teacher has to give a very specific and detailed list of the subjects they will talk about each time, so she knows when to go to hear what she has to.
She heads there and takes a seat a lot behind. Qi still didn't arrive but Rin is early.
She takes her head in hand, watching her phone. She doesn't expect a message, but maybe a call, eventually?
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Eventually meeting.

She and LanJi have basically looked for each other for days without success. One day, she just meets him casually by the arena where she was going to train a little. He is walking out.
She remains stunned at the sight of him. He stands still, staring at her and trying to figure out how she is feeling about him. Eventually he greets. " hao, Rin."
"Ni Hao..." She lowers her gaze shyly, hiding a slight smile. "How have you been..? Have you worked these days?"
LanJi realizes she is not acting like a rape victim towards his assulter and it relieves him right away. It was not only him, the rose infatuation hit even her and both were willing, kind of.
He smiles slightly at her and takes a step forward. "Pretty good. I did a bit of everything, working, training...I also tried looking for you but no success. Where were you?" He snorts, scratching his head.
She turns her head to the side, trying to hide her blushing. "Probably looking for you too and we were always in opposite places..." She tries not to chuckle, then some moments of silence.
"Can for a moment? In a private place." He asks, thinking about where they might go. Definitely not the House of Peacock. "Let's go to the telescope." Not worried at all he might need to fix his clothes and hair, also a little shower.
She agrees and follows him upstairs. Whole Shiinden can be seen from there and she is amazed at the sight but she has to focus on LanJi.
He leans against the short wall, a bit thoughtful. "Rin...what happened the other evening was...out of my control. I didn't mean to do it, be so rash and rude with you."
Rin stands next to him, leaning against the wall too. "It happened only because of the rose everyone talks about?" She lowers her gaze, thinking she is going to be refused.
"Likely, can trigger that kind of instinct..." He knows too well. "I would have never done it without the rose, because it is not like me to be careless. It is never just sex to me and I will take my responsabilities if I have to."
His words make her feel down and up again. She is not sure what exactly he wants to say. "What do you mean, LanJi? you want to date me or not? What responsabilities?"
"Date you?" He remains thoughtful at the question. "I would more likely let you decide if you want to try it or not. It is that...I am a bit older than you. You still need to grow up.
I mean responsabilities like...if what we did left a deep mark."
"You don't look very willing to date me..."
LanJi lowers his gaze. "It is that I know they will make it hard for me, whatever I do and whoever I date. It is not your fault...we can really try to date without your relatives to know. Tomorrow afternoon? Let's meet...uh...not in Shiirhuang. Suhyen?"

It was hard to pick a place and in the end the poor two ended up dating in Fengshii. At least they spend pleasant time talking to each other. She manages to open up a little, they even start walking hand in hand after a bit.
"Do you want to eat?" Rin asks, taking a look around then up. "I think it will rain soon."
"It might. It's always like that here, do you have an umbrella?" He snorts.
"No. Do you?"
"No! We will get wet, so let's find a tavern at least!"
They are still looking for a place where to eat, one that is even slightly tempting.
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Out all day

Shiinden often organizes little trips for the students to have a better training and understanding of everything. She joins a trip with her Water teachers the day after the deep meeting with LanJi. She forgets home her phone and doesn't return from the trip before late evening. No news of her all day.

On sunday, no trips nor anything, just rest, a bit of study and petting her horses. She doesn't leave her home nor sees the messages from LanJi, as YunFei deleted them all. She is asked some weird question by her parents though, if she is by any chance dating someone, who, how, but she denies.

Finally time to return to school where she has lessons for the whole morning and part of the early afternoon.
She starts heading out of school to go back home. She carries a backpack and the box with her violin. Her clothes are pretty ugly and oversized for her thin figure.
Can be either in or near school or in Shiirhuang.
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Plotwist in the plotwist

Rin POV.

Rin comes across WonPil, then Lani, starting to investigate about the first: what could have happened in the House of Fox, why there was a rose petal burning in the fireplace and why WonPil was crying.
When they are done with it, Rin starts to look for Deidara all over Shiinden. She cannot find him so she decides to head to the portal and wait for him there.
She crosses the House of Peacock, the closest to the portal. She aims to proceed but hears steps sound, so she stops to see who is coming and to her surprise she sees LanJi, immediately getting extremely stiff.
"Ni Hao!" He tells her with a slight smile. That smile. She has a moment of stun before to greet back. "You must have earned your first cloth to be here, congratulations!"
"S..shi, xiexie..." She bows slightly and shyly looks at him.
"Are you liking it here? No one guided you?" LanJi takes a look around, like checking if there is someone else nearby.
She shakes her head. "I came with Deidara. I got my cloth but...this is not the first visit. I had already the official one."
" is getting late, are you staying here for the night?"
"No, I don't think. I was waiting for Deidara..."
"He is taking long? Do you want me to keep you company?"
Why is he asking? He really wants to keep me company? He is so kind and sweet... - she thinks. "W..would you? I don't want to bore you..."
"Who's bored." LanJi shrugs, taking a seat on a nearby couch and stretching.
She hesitantly goes to sit near him. She doesn't dare to look at him. "Xiexie..."
"How have you been? Did you eat?"
"I didn't eat...I thought we would eat at home but I don't know anymore..."
"The kitchen is upstairs if you are hungry. You can grab a snack."
She checks her phone to see if Deidara told her anything, without noticing. "Probably he is with SangPil in the House of Snake..." She says a bit thoughtfully then stands up. "I will go to take a snack." In that moment they cross gaze and she notices something different in his look. She steps back then hurries upstairs, but she notices him following closely, maybe too much.
Her hands start to shake, she also sweats a little as if someone suddenly lighted a fire. She is a bit nervous too so she decides to pour herself a glass of cold milk. She has a sip then takes a plumberry and a knife; after peeling and cutting in slices, she turns around to offer him some but to her surprise he was right behind and pins her against the counter, causing everything to fall. She looks up at him, not hearing anything but her heart beating crazily. She feels overwhelmed but strangely excited, the rose starting to have its effect on her too. "Lan-..." Their lips touch and she remains completely still. Rose or not, it is the very first time and also regardless all the porn she watched, she is still too stiff.
She realizes he wants to lie on the ground and follows his movements. She looks at his body when he takes off his shirt, touching his belly slightly. She would want to do more but shyness takes over regardless the situation.
She is very passive all the time, lets him do anything he wants and she cannot say she minds, he is very gentle, but keeps her eyes closed all the time.
Eventually she notices him moving to the side and opens her eyes. She looks at him and he is still half naked, with his arm on his eyes while panting.
Her phone fell from her pocket and she hears it vibrating. When she sees it is Deidara calling, she quickly wears back her pants and begins to run away.
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Time goes by, she started going to school more often while also following lessons to learn how to write and read. Overall very busy days at the beginning but she doesn't complain, she wants to learn to please her new family, always with the fear they might send her away.

She starts practicing music in particular, as she is the kind of knight that needs it to develop powers properly. The instruments are many, she is also unsure what most sound like and eventually she chooses violin. They buy her her own and she starts using it even at home. But. Old Luo hears terrible sounds coming from her room and tells her to go to practice somewhere else.
She goes out as ordered but doesn't really know where she could do it without bothering anyone else. She is wandering in the city, holding her violin box.
She wears a hanfu, black with light blue decorations, tight on sleeves and not too long but her legs are covered.
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