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19 / Female / In a Relationship
Nevada - United States
Hey, I'm Ellie, or Elizabeth. I'm looking for some literate rps and I want to test my comfort zones when it comes to writing. Character development is my favorite thing in the world. I respond at least once a day, and I check in on people if they don't respond after three days.

Super powered based sci-fi is one of my current obsessions but I also love aliens and zombie surivial.

I won't do non-con, underaged, or generally toxic relationships in my romances. FxF or MxM. I would say straight romances too, but those have gotten creepy way too often so. Yeah.

Pretty literate. I'll have at least a paragraph and will try to mimic your reply length. If it's an extremely long multi para though, I might be a few lines short.

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