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Latest Comments

Love you too pumpkin
Apr 15th 2021 18:03

Pop hi hi now you have a female comment on your page

Apr 14th 2021 15:58

You’re right I can handle anything thrown my way
Apr 13th 2021 13:19

That’s a big commitment :P
Apr 13th 2021 13:09

Does this mean you are too? You said you’re not always honest with people.
Apr 13th 2021 13:04

I’m a confusing person to get to know, that’s for sure.
Apr 13th 2021 12:56

I mean...I want to say yes but I haven’t tried lol.
Apr 13th 2021 12:51

But what if I’m the worst person out there?
Apr 13th 2021 12:43

Apr 13th 2021 12:31

Virginity taken
Apr 13th 2021 10:51