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( ``` Jed Olsen ``` )
116 / Male / Single
United States
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"I love each of ya f*ckin' losers."
3  Dec 2nd 2022 21:09

Latest Questions

Q. "Jed? I uh... I need advice. You seem to know a lot about this kind of thing..."
A. The young man looked over at her with a gentle smile. "Of course, Charlie! What's up?"
 Nov 1st 2021 17:03

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. “Of course I do.”
 Oct 5th 2021 07:22

Latest Comments


Choking back tears—

“You actually did it. And you did not have steal my wèiyī!”
Nov 18th 2022 01:55

“You rock pink but you don’t . . .

I won’t believe that until you do.”
Nov 17th 2022 19:37

Cue gagging noises.
Oct 13th 2022 17:47

Em just looked him up and down. "You're right, i wouldnt. No d*ck."
Oct 13th 2022 16:54

Blink blink. "First off, f*** you-"
Oct 13th 2022 16:44

“Right back at you. Heh. It like look in mirror. Although… you could use a little more pink in your apparel.” Winketh.
Oct 5th 2022 14:19

“ Aw geez, thanks. Is it because I always shriek and visibly jump at least five into the air when you do ?...”

The brunette playfully rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest.

“ I don’t get it, HOW are you so quiet ?! I mean, I’ll look over to my right and nothing… Two seconds later and suddenly you’re there! “
Oct 4th 2022 22:47

“So you would not mind if I erased your collection? I mean, it’s easy to make new documents, right?” May or may not have stolen his camera—
Jun 20th 2022 13:48

“So, in short; you’re a more twisted version of Spider-Man.” Holding her chin, nodding.

“But why do you have a whole album dedicated to your victims? I didn’t peg you for a sentimental type.”
Jun 17th 2022 15:25

“So you were like a journalist before all this, right? Did you write about anything OTHER than yourself?”
Jun 16th 2022 19:11