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(Cassandra Ripley)
22 / Female / Engaged
Wisconsin - United States

Main OC:

Secondary OC: [W.I.P.]

Fandoms I'm interested in role-playing:

Where to find me (if you want):
Flight Rising:

Latest Questions

Glee asked the question
Q. I’m up to continuing the current one if you’d like
A. Alright
 Aug 14th 2019 01:27

Glee asked the question
Q. I’m good, just bored and reading old messages
A. Speaking of which, I've actually been meaning to ask you if you wanted to finally continue the RP we had before or start a new one?
 Aug 14th 2019 01:18

Latest Comments

Hope all is well
Nov 3rd 2021 21:59

Been well, just having fun
Oct 22nd 2021 03:55

How goes?
Oct 21st 2021 19:08

I’m okay
Oct 5th 2020 02:21

How are ya?
Oct 5th 2020 00:29

Sep 22nd 2020 03:02

Doing pretty good, just bored out of my mind
Apr 1st 2020 22:27

:p Hi
Apr 1st 2020 19:31

Thats fair enough i suppose (i saved our story into a google word doc so i wont forget where we were at whenever we write again)
Mar 16th 2020 23:04

I’m stuck in my house thanks to the virus. How’re you holding up cause of the craziness
Mar 16th 2020 22:34