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(Cassandra Ripley)
23 / Female / Engaged
Wisconsin - United States

Main OC: [W.I.P. again...]

Secondary OC: [W.I.P.]

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Latest Questions

Q. boop. up to rp?
A. Sure. You can just pm about it
 Mar 12th 2022 21:52

SunBunni asked the question
Q. I’m up to continuing the current one if you’d like
A. Alright
 Aug 14th 2019 01:27

Latest Comments

Hope all is well
Nov 3rd 2021 21:59

Been well, just having fun
Oct 22nd 2021 03:55

How goes?
Oct 21st 2021 19:08

I’m okay
Oct 5th 2020 02:21

How are ya?
Oct 5th 2020 00:29

Sep 22nd 2020 03:02

Doing pretty good, just bored out of my mind
Apr 1st 2020 22:27

:p Hi
Apr 1st 2020 19:31

Thats fair enough i suppose (i saved our story into a google word doc so i wont forget where we were at whenever we write again)
Mar 16th 2020 23:04

I’m stuck in my house thanks to the virus. How’re you holding up cause of the craziness
Mar 16th 2020 22:34