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(Beatriz Belova)
23 / Female / Single
“Do you want me to dance for you or break your face?”

Beatriz Belova is just another ordinary twenty-three year old girl with a huge passion for boxing. Unfortunately her dream to be a professional boxer never came true due to life being unfair and giving her some tough years, but she never gave up on her favorite sport and continued to practice. In the end she found herself in the famous Burlesque club dancing to please strangers. She trains like a beast during the day and dances like a beauty during the night. Quite a dangerous combination, don’t you think?


She is tall and fit, around 1.75, and has long straight dark blond hair. Her oval face is complemented with a small beauty mark just above the left corner of her full lips and round shaped green eyes with long eyelashes. Her skin is slightly tanned due to having it constantly exposed under the sun.

// Hello and welcome to my profile! Like all of you I am here to unleash my imagination and have fun. I will mainly roleplay REAL LIFE, but if you have an interesting plot that includes other genres and it catches my eye, I wouldn’t hesitate to try it out with you. So please share your ideas with me! :)

~The reason why I didn’t write my character’s back story is because I think it would be more enjoyable to unwrap it during a roleplay. But if it bothers you, just tell me and I will give you more information about it.

~My native language is not English, so please go easy on me. I am trying my best to be as literate as possible and if I make grammar mistakes please tell me.

~If you don’t enjoy the roleplay, tell me and we will try to fix it. Don’t simply stop replying. Or if you don’t want to continue, let me know so I wouldn’t be asking myself what I did wrong or waiting for your answer.

And one last thing.

HAVE FUN!!! :)

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