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(Tigress Vagabond)
21 / Female / Single
❖-I'm just looking for someone that can make me say:
           "When can we do this again? -♡"

◽- Mostly always in character (Starters & intro in Oc appreciated)
◽- No real pictures / (Anthro's cartoon or anime only please thank you)
◽- Nothing must be plotless (Certainly not +18 stories. Thank you)

✰梅的一生 | Mei's Life

Mh? Another soul wanting to know about me? Did you come just for the looks or did you come for something more? one's superficial the other simply real.

Greetings to you venerable stalker my name's Meixiang but please call me Mei or whatever floats your boat. I'm just an average girl born in the streets of northern America before being adopted and raised by a rich Chinese family called the Fubanaki clan. I now live there with my 72 brothers and sisters that I take care of when not exploring the world as an online photograph and self-made news reporter. Some dare to call it a "profitable hobby" but I usually punch them in the guts and the argument is fixed really.

My name means "beautiful fragrance". Some find it fitting while I for myself find it...fancy. Most of my friends simply call me Mei or Cankukuan which of course also has a meaning but I'll let you guys figure it out. Honestly, I'm a young soul looking to see the world live great adventures and maybe...just maybe find a friend that'll keep me on the edge of my feet and make me ask him or her...

           "When can we do this again?"

Anyways that's me. An uptown Chinese girl with American blood.It's been fun but now I got to go! life's way too short to live it slow -♡


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