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21 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
I'm an English guy, been kinda sheltered for a lot of my life. Which means I don't know a lot of stuff someone my age probably should. So having recently discovered the rude side of life I uuuuhh I kinda wanna learn, through rp? if that makes sense?
I just wanna be taught in this medium Because its kinda exciting to me.
>///////< pls don't make fun, I "think" its called a corruption kink, not entirely sure, but I just wanna stop being innocent my whole life :> I'm Bi 50/50

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best boy best boy
Mar 12th 2019 13:55

Thaaaankkkk youuu!
Mar 3rd 2019 18:34

This lil boy is just the cutest If I could snuggle with him all day I would he’s a really good roleplayer too just simply the best
Mar 2nd 2019 09:47