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Name: Koa

Birthdate: May 1st

Age: depends on roleplay!! 14-20

Height: 162cm

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi (lean to girls)

Usual fashion of dress: “art kid” clothes, brightly painted nails, anything colorful really

Personality (good): Very loyal, animal person, quiet, good listener, mom-friend, always has snacks with him,

Personality (bad):cannot talk to girls for his life (low key intimidated by them), oblivious to the world around him, air-headed, clumsy,

Soft spot: Anything cute or oddly small (he could gush over a tiny chair for dolls for half an hour)

Hobbies: Art, embroidery, painting

Backstory: totally depends on roleplay :)

“Position”: Sub

My man’s character description is a little rushed I’ll add to it one day oops
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Name: Maemi

Birthdate: July 3rd

Age: depends on roleplay!

Height: 170cm (5’7)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Omni

Usual fashion of dress: Fitted tank tops, dresses, oversized zip up jackets, etc

Personality (good): loyal when you get to know her, protective, isn’t affected by people’s opinions (for the most part)

Personality (bad): Talks back a lot, seems cold and distant, bad at opening up, sassy , sometimes overly protective since she has a hard time making friends

Other quirks: Hides a her interests that make her look “girly”,

Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, etc

Soft spot: Sweets, Sanrio, cartoons, boy bands, bunnies, (though she won’t admit any of them)

Backstory: totally depends on roleplay :)

“Position”: Depends the person. Dom with shyer people, but sub most other times.
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Name: Grayson (Gray)

Birthdate: February 20th

Age: depends on roleplay! 16-25

Height: 180cm

Gender: male

Sexuality: Bisexual (lean towards guys)

Usual fashion of dress: Depends the day. His fashion style changes every day and you never know what he’ll wear next.

Personality (good): patient, not overly loud (but not shy or quiet either), extroverted, sports-minded

Personality (bad): Easily embarrassed (and then talks non-stop like that will fix it), sometimes goes too far with a joke and hurts someone,

Hobbies: Baking, basketball, etc

Soft spot: people who can cook well,

Backstory: totally depends on roleplay :)

“Position”: Acts like a top but 99% of the time a sub
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Name: Blake

Birthdate: December 2nd

Age: depends on roleplay!! 14-25

Height: 165cm (5’5)

Gender: Demigirl (she/they)

Sexuality: gay (Pansexual)

Usual fashion of dress: short basketball shorts, hoodies, t-shirt with odd designs (like a shirt with only a llama on the front)
Appearance (in general): profile picture!

Personality (good): good at reading how people are feeling, not afraid to ask how someone is feeling, creative

Personality (bad):energetic, hyper, short attention span, bad at telling jokes or a story, keeps things to herself (her parents could die overnight and she wouldn’t say a word)

Soft spot: Cats, tall girls, celery lol

Backstory: totally depends on roleplay :)

“Position”: Switch

She’s my favorite OC (she’s basically my persona) to use in roleplay so generally I’ll automatically choose her for roleplay if you don’t have a prefrence :)
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