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(Blake B)
22 / Female / Single
New Zealand
Hey hey hey! My name’s Blake, and well, of course I’m here to roleplay! I’m down for anything, so don’t be scared to send a request. Bios have never really been my thing, so let’s make this quick.

I enjoy adventure and comedic role plays the most! Anything wholesome is really nice, but I also like darker themes too, so don’t worry about me not liking your idea there either. I’m also gay (I’m what people would call pan but I don’t like labels too much) so I’m okay with role playing whatever romance you want! Whether that’s more mature, or just a fun, fluffy roleplay!

Thanks for going through this bio I made in record time. Add me!

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I’m only replying to shorter length roleplays for the rest of the day. I’m a bit tired, so please don’t spam me if you see I’m active and I’m not responding
3  Nov 23rd 2020 02:00

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