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19 / Male / Its Complicated
Michigan - United States
I roleplay quite frequently, but if I am not online, I'm most likely asleep, working or not home and I apologize in advance.

I like dogs, but I also like @RK900 too.

Latest Questions

RK900 asked the question
Q. Connor, would you care to make our romantic relationship official?
A. Bastion, would you care to fawn over my approval?
 Aug 28th 2018 03:22

RK900 asked the question
Q. Bastion approached Connor at work, standing quietly beside the other android's desk as he waited for the other to be free to speak with him. "Connor, I was hoping that you would be willing to allow me to accompany you on some of your cases so that I might develop my integration protocols."
A. Connor, finding himself free soon enough, met the RK900's icy blue eyes, giving a brief nod. "Of course," he replied. "I assure you that there is plenty to accomplish on investigations"
 Aug 7th 2018 15:26

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