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(Maryse Ouellet)
37 / Female / Single
Montreal Quebec , Canada
Bonjour ! Maryse here - two time WWE Divas championship, animal lover, and sexy French speaker.
Dog mom to: Pumkin, Luna, and Mocha
Mommy to: Monroe Sky (March 27th, 2018)

Latest Status

// I did a thing and got myself a Christmas present .... It arrived on Tuesday... you guys I love it... I watched a few of the special features and I can already say it was worth it hehe.
1  9 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Wanna start rp
A. Sure
 Oct 12th 2020 19:11

CJ2930 asked the question
Q. Can we roleplay
A. Yes we can
 Oct 6th 2020 00:21

Latest Comments

//Hope you're doing a bit better now.
Oct 19th 2020 23:57

//My profile pic? I changed it to this like a month ago.
Oct 15th 2020 22:35

I sent you the starter
Oct 14th 2020 22:15

"Do you like wine babe?? I can bring some over.."
Oct 7th 2020 05:02

"How bout I just come over and we order some pizza?!"
Oct 7th 2020 04:22

"Most def babe!"
Oct 7th 2020 04:18

"I miss you.."
Oct 7th 2020 04:10

"Yo Ryse!"
Oct 7th 2020 02:57

Oct 6th 2020 22:10

//Been awhile since I reminded you how great you are here so here I am doing just that now =]
Oct 6th 2020 06:45