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Frappu's Blog

"Meredith, the long lost sister."

Meredith had escaped from her origin, which was in another country. She escaped due to the jealousy she felt towards her own sibling. Her older sister, Vivi Tsukino. Meredith doesn't go by that last name anymore. She instead refers to herself as 'Meredith Nanami". She has fake IDs to support this name, and she has run away from her life in the luxury.

Vivi Tsukino is a princess, and Queen to be expected. Her parents had chosen her instead of Meredith. This was a major reason for her escape. She has absolutely no contact with her family back home, and has lived 2 years so far, alone. Through her struggles, she had stolen identities of others and, to her luck, met a boy in the city. This boy helped her to hack into several bank accounts without consequence. This would help her with food and shelter. Later down the months, she was able to become someone known throughout her new home.

Today, Meredith doesn't do this anymore. She doesn't like how she built her new reputation up, as a model, but she had to in order to survive. Now, Meredith is a busy woman and is often seen on magazines and posters, as well as billboards and tv commercials.

Her goal is to soon create her own makeup line and perfume.
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"This muffin is so overbaked!"

Sara is a 19 year old girl who owns a small little Bakery, led by her mother, Mari. Their store is located in the corner of the busy street. Her dream was to be as successful as her mother, but when the new mayor in town visits her bakery, he has a couple of touches to change in her establishment.

She accepts his new offers, since declining the Mayor's help would look bad on her mothers name. He had ordered her a whole new set of menu items, and new methods in baking these new food items. Both Sara and Mari didn't like this but they couldn't do anything more than to just keep quiet and give the Mayor a hesitant 'thank you'.

After the mayor's visit, Sara tried these new methods of cooking and baking, but it has been going horribly for her company. Their customers have been complaining that their food doesn't look as pleasant as they do on their menus. They also complain that their bread is too sweet or too dry, and that their orders take a while to receive.

Sara could either change back to her old style of how she was running her business, and risk the Mayor coming back again only to visit the same old stuff he had previously tried, or keep going with his advice and run the threat of shutting down.
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"Mizu, you need to lose weight!"

Mizu is a Student at Ooezo High School! She is 16 and she wants to keep her reputation as the popular girl in school! But after her first break up, in freshman year, it has tumbled her life over completely!

The breakup has caused her to gain a little bit of weight over the summer. If she wants to get back into her swimming team, she must lose it fast! School starts in only 1 month, and she needs to find a way to lose this extra fat!

Mizu is in big trouble!

She currently weighs 140 lbs, and she needs to lose 18. But, her coach gave her an acception, and told her if she could lose at least 15 lbs, she could come back to the team! Mizu spends more time running around her hometown than doing her homework. She has her geek friend, Tomu, to do the work for her.

Other than her problem with the swimming team, Mizu gets a lot of attention in school and in her classes! A lot have a crush on her and even the teachers admire her for her kindness and confidence, but it's all fake. She uses people for her fame in High School, and only thinks about what can benefit herself, and herself only!
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♡ Read me Please! ♡

Hey! I'm so glad you made it to this blog! It is important that you let me know that you've understood everything listed here! So hit the heart ♡ !

☆ - First rule! It is so important to keep a nice and friendly environment around! Everyone deserves to have fun on this site and not have hate put on them, so please! There is plenty of glitter to go around!~

☆ - Second rule! Let's try to build a role-play that won't get boring for the two of us! Let's include as much as we can and let's try new things along the way!

☆ - Third rule! I have fine with one liners, just give as much detail as you can in that detail! I normally send from 3 lines to 4 paragraphs! I have very flexible with that!

☆ - Fourth rule! Don't rush anything in our role-play! No death is allowed and no godmodding!

☆ - Fifth rule! I will do gore or medieval themes as well! Going out of my usual cute and lolli stuff is fun too!

☆ - Sixth rule! My characters are pansexual so I am fine with any gender to roleplay romance with!

☆ -Seventh rule! We don't need to have out of character conversations! Start us off with a role-play if you'd like!

I'll edit this later for more rules!

☆☆☆ I love you, if you read all the way here! Don't forget, hit the ♡ !
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