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(Ebony Foul)
30 / Female / Single
United States
Hey there, My name is Ebony Foul, Here are some simple rule's to follow upon adding me.
1: i dont accept male's
2: If you go without messaging me for more then 3+ Days, You will be removed UNLESS, You tell me you'll be gone or post you'll be gone for a bit.
3: All my roleplay's have Bodily gas involved some way, Sorry if its not your cup of tea.
4: If you add me, Please message me
5: If you've gotten this far, Message me saying "Brap"
6: That's pretty much it, So please go ahead and message me, I can't wait to roleplay with you!

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Hello! Thank you so much for the request or accepting, I look forward in expanding our friendship and hanging out with you! X. Scarlett. X Also please have a look at my Announcement here: Thanks talk to you soon!
Oct 28th 2018 23:07