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(Abyssal Lagiacrus)
115 / Other / Forever Alone
The Birthing Spark, Antarctica
Oh, don't mind me. Simply an old member coming back to see what's going on.

If you came here looking for an illiterate quick-ship, consider me uninterested. Though I can do one-liners and are ok with ships, I will only interact with people who have at least some sense of respect and with the ability to at least develop the relationship first.]

[ Looking for my rules? Look no further: ]

What's this? You're actually reading my profile? You have my respect for that.

For those who may have known me in the past, you might recognize the names...

And most prominently as the user who disappeared several years ago known as 'LegendaryDalamadur', who left 'for good' due to struggles with extreme depression.

These accounts all belonged to one person. That 'person' being me.

Formerly a member largely active in the crossover portion of's forums, as well as making minor appearances in the Fantasy sections, I've technically been around since February 5th of way back in 2016. Hadn't it been for the deletion of my account due to my depression disappearance, I would've been four years old on this website about now. Alas, doesn't feel to bad to be starting over I suppose.

Here I am, back at it yet again. And to most people's surprise, this old engine's still kicking. And with a whole much more roleplay experience to bring to the table, I can safely say that it feels good to be back.

With that important section out of the way, allow me to get to a few other things you might want to know before sending me a friend request.

Looking for an ERP? Then you've come to... er... perhaps not the best place. Bringing up 18+ topics may result in an awkward response, or straightforward denial. Please, remember this when wanting to send me a request. As highly as I think of this website, I am aware that there are a rather large amount of people like this out there.

Don't let my profile picture mistake you, whatever it may be at the time of you reading this post. I will often switch it between various characters of mine, both male and female. My real gender will remain anonymous for the better. Don't come around with seduction in mind. You might not catch the same fish you were aiming for.

As for roleplaying, I largely prefer using characters from the fandoms I enjoy, also enjoying crossovers every once and a while. My main go-to is from my personal favorite series: Monster Hunter. Of course, it doesn't stop there, as I'm also a fairly enthusiastic fan of things such as Pokemon, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Touhou Project, Godzilla, and much more.

Roleplay length. I range from One-Liners (Though rare) all the way to around 6 rough paragraphs, maybe more. Its asked that you're at least capable of typing more than a few words during a response, of course, with a few dramatic exceptions.

Unlike before, I'm no longer your little pushover. Be wary, I WILL snap if I have to. Of course, my somewhat lax and jumpy nature from before still slightly remains, though I've evolved into a much more serious person. And as such, I will not be afraid to lash out at you if driven to such.

Not much else to say here. I may develop a ruleset should I find myself some spare time. But for now, most of my important points have been made. Please, do have a nice day.

I'll see you all in the Great Abyss!