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(Hunter Rivera)
18 / Female / Its Complicated
United States
I’m a demisexual agender human. I like to role play and my friend invited me here.

I have one rule. Do not ask me for irl pics of me. I don’t do them for anyone

It’s free real estate

--♥♥♥♥put this on your
-♥♥--♥♥Wall if you have
-♥♥--♥♥ Or suffer with
-♥♥--♥♥ (Depression)
--♥♥♥♥ (Bipolar)
---♥♥♥ (Anorexia)
--♥♥♥♥ (self harm)
-♥♥--♥♥ Or any
♥♥----♥♥Mental illness

Latest Status

Going to bed early tonight
Mood: tired
2  Jul 11th 2020 20:24

Latest Questions

Redfox asked the question
Q. You like the roleplay?
A. Yes miss very much
 Jan 2nd 2020 07:28

Q. Screeeeeeeee
A. Sorry
 Sep 7th 2019 21:45

Latest Comments

Hey. We used to be friends and I noticed you weren't anymore and it makes me sad when people aren't my friend. That's all
Jul 8th 2020 20:08

Semi_ I’m having trouble messaging you
May 4th 2020 04:57

Gives chu some candy
Nov 10th 2019 17:56

Nov 10th 2019 17:47

You're amazing.
Sep 24th 2019 06:22

Thanks for accepting ^^
Aug 28th 2019 03:27