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22 / Female / In Love
N/A, N/A - United States
Hello all!~

I am Soothe, I'm pretty new to this site so I do apologize in advanced if I seem a little slow on getting things up on here.

I always found a love for writing but don't do it as often as I would like. I'd love to writing partners & create wonderful stories. I usually write fantasy or custom stories but I'd be happy to try anything. I'd prefer a mature writing partner as some topics could be triggering or serious. If you are interested, please message me anytime. <3

(I do have a discord that I'm most frequently on as I do game on the side. If anyone was interested in gaming)

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Someone today just reminded me of why I call myself ForeverSoothe and why I'm so lucky to be in everyone's lives. So thank you all <3
Mood: peaceful
5  May 30th 2023 21:17

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