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I see many of these, some quite lengthy, others simple. I will see how mine go.

ADMIN: Please do not ask personal things about me. If I tell you, means I trust you. I’m mostly here to write.

CHARACTER: Michael Archangel is an OC of my own making. No stealing the idea. But I’m sure I’m not the only one to think of this I’m aware. He is not always nice. And also be cruel for reasons. Be aware of this. What he says can be very blunt and truthful and hurtful. Be he feels this is better than lying.

SEXUALITY: Angels do not know the difference between gender love as those on earth. Their love is for all. Being said… more likely bisexual or pansexual as some use.

POWERS: Michael is the right hand of God. He is the head Archangel. His strength is greater than the others. He can take on gods, aliens, with incredible strength and speed. He is also cunning in battle strategy. He wears special armor for battle, had special weapons, his sword can hold the fire of God. He is also proficient in many others and fighting skills. Makes sense, his been around a very very very long time. He can read minds and communicate this way. Travel through space and time easily. His wings can shield him and fire sharp projectiles. This is but some of his abilities. It I will not “godmode” anyone.

ADDITIONAL POWERS: Michael was locked in a human body but still had his angelic abilities. It was done by his brother Gabriel who hates the hairless monkeys or the mundanes. Michael has a broken rune upon his chest, it will be complete eventually for reasons will not state here. The body he is locked in is a werewolf and he succumbs to it’s feeding desires every full moon. He will transform as well.

ADULT SITUATIONS: There will be dark themes. He can get violent, more so near the full moon. He will not have relations with /anyone/ under the age of 21. He will talk to them but don’t expect sex. If admin is under 17 and found out, will be removed. Some exceptions will be granted.

In addition, no ferries, wrestlers or anime characters. Selective crossovers are welcome.

RESPONSES: We all have real life living to do. Do not hound me for not replying immediately. If I don’t respond after three days let me know. Some days it’s easier to just respond on statuses as well, doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you.

PLOTTING! I enjoy plotting but don’t make me come up with everyone. If you say you suck at it… more than likely I won’t respond then. Also, it’s not all about sex. If you are here for that remove yourself for me.

INBOX: I mostly use it for private rp and plotting. || of // indicates ooc speech. Don’t come on to just say hi, how are you. I’m guilty of it too but here after not. A thank you is okay and give me additional chatter.

MULTI-CHARACTERS: some have them. Fine. But don’t ask me to pick from your many of them. THEY are your characters. My brief bio is on my profile. You should know which of your characters would fit. And make them interesting or I will bore quickly.

GODMODING: NEVER assume you know how my character will act or respond. Some battle scenes I will give leeway if asked. But don’t just assume he finds you the most beautiful or handsome creature he seen. He’s an angel. He treats all equal.

CHILDREN/MARRIAGE: NO trapping him in either. I will ignore it. For all are His children and he cares for them all in his Father’s place.


This is all for now, I might add more later as situations reveal themselves. F*** it, just heart as a respond.
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