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FirestarandSeance's Blog

Mina Anderson/Seance~December 10,1989

Dorthy Dilaurentis~August 12,1920-December 21,1997

Rules (Come here first)

1. Capitalize the first word in a sentence, name, or specific place. I’m so tired of seeing this. Last Movie/TV Show You Watched?

2. Try to have proper spelling. It’s fine if you misspell a couple words but don’t make it to the point that I can’t understand what you wrote. Favorite Color?

3. DON’T USE TEXT TALK!! Unless if our characters are texting each other. It’s YOU not U and it’s YOUR/YOU’RE not ur! Who is your celebrity crush?

4. I don’t do anything with pedophila, beastiality, toilet stuff, or blood, during sex, I’m fine with it in the RP just not during it ). Last thing you Googled?

5. Please if you wanna Roleplay, please have a storyline in mind. Favorite Animal?

6. You must have a storyline...I’m not accepting anything where it doesn’t have a clear storyline that isn’t about hooking up. It's fine if there is some hooking up in the roleplay but we must continue with a storyline. What is the Face Claim that you typically use?

7.I only RP with real characters, I don’t do cartoons. Favorite Superhero?

8. I'm not dealing with your bullsh*t. It's fine if you just need to rant, I'm right here for that but please don't rant on the feed because it's incredibly annoying. Last song you listened to?

9. If we are doing a Roleplay where domination is involved, I will play the sub. Only sometimes will I play the dom but it will be very rare. Favorite Resturant?

10. For our roleplay, you must understand how the real world work. ( For example, if our OCs are actors and are playing love interest and if they have a love scene, they don't actually make love in the movie or TV show. ) Favorite Vacation Spot?

11. I’m refusing to do simple storylines. (For example, boy meet girl, they fall in love). That literally gives me nothing to work with, I’d rather have a storyline that can start off as simple and then turn into something really amazing. Which one of my rules is your favorite?

12. I have questions in here, please message me with your answers, heart the blog and then we'll discuss storylines.
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Taryn's Backstory

My name is Taryn Zachariah and I am the superhero Firestar.

Before I born, my mother, Heather, was in a radiation accident. It affected me by giving me a rare form of breast cancer ever since I was a baby. My father, Bryon, was a scientist at Oscorp who was trying to find a way to cure me. He called it Project FIRESTAR...unfortunately, the cancer spread to much and I was dying. My father had finally perfected his experiment and injected me with it, because my body wasn't used to the power, I sent out a powerful blast that sent him flying and killed him.

I felt awful, not only because I was the cause of my father's death but that my baby brother, Aidan, will grow up without a father.

Now, I am making sure that my father's death meant something and I will do whatever it takes to protect this city and my family.
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Taryn Zachariah/Firestar~January 26,2000