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16 / Other / Forever Alone
topeka, Kansas - United States
I hate when cute femboys turn me bisexual >:(

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To4oo4 asked the question
Q. In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you are under arrest, Chancellor.
A. No thanks
 Nov 3rd 2019 16:27

Q. Well, considering your profile picture character, how about we do a feral wild roleplay?
A. Alright i take this to the dms
 Sep 18th 2019 07:48

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Hello. What's your name?
Jan 26th 2020 12:44

It's the Killing Curse. I knew it wouldn't work. I'm a Muggle.
Nov 5th 2019 17:02

U w0t m8
Nov 5th 2019 16:51

Nov 5th 2019 16:47

I replied :)
Aug 31st 2019 17:05