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15 / Other / Forever Alone
topeka, Kansas - United States
I hate when cute femboys turn me bisexual >:(

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Im in a good mood for a change and eagerly waiting a friends reply:D
Mood: excited
1  Jan 12th 2020 01:45

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Daemon asked the question
Q. >:3
Mwa hahaha..
Now you 50% gay? >;3
A. Only for you~
 Jan 14th 2020 21:50

Daemon asked the question
Q. Fio! Would you accept a 22 year old bot with gold hair, blue coat, black pants and a dark blue shirt with long sleeves to be my oc in the roleplay we are doing?
A. Maybe. What fuels the bot and what kinda tech?
 Dec 14th 2019 17:26

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It's the Killing Curse. I knew it wouldn't work. I'm a Muggle.
Nov 5th 2019 17:02

U w0t m8
Nov 5th 2019 16:51

Nov 5th 2019 16:47

I replied :)
Aug 31st 2019 17:05