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20 / Male / Single
Minnesota - United States
"Who needs video games when you have an eight thousand dollar Pinball machine?"

I'm not much for explaining myself but I am a very literate writer with years of experience and creativity. I’m obviously a hopeless romantic and not that charming but don't judge my book by its cover... that's all I have to say...
ee-deeb-ee-dee-that's all folks!

Favorite song: Fred V & Grafix - Sunrise

Please read my small list of rules before starting RP they’re sorta out of date but oh well

Discord: Patch.exe#4446

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anyone want to do a FemKnight vs Dragon romance RP?
Mood: hopeful
1  9 hours ago

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Got busy with school n family with exams coming up
Dec 14th 2019 17:24

Sure I would love to
Dec 4th 2019 00:57

I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Sep 30th 2019 14:30

boop :3
Jul 31st 2019 21:12

Hello :3
Nov 17th 2018 00:32