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19 / Female / Single
Georgia - United States
Here's a little about myself! Please read before adding me.

Yes, I was born as a male. However I prefer to be feminine and do feminine activities. I'm also attracted solely to females so if you're unwilling to play as a biological or f*tanari character then I don't think we'll get along well.

While this is mainly a Romance-oriented account, I do want there to be some plot. Pure Romance is so boring! Some examples are Fantasy, Sci Fi, Slice of Life, Action/Adventure, Medieval, and Survival/Post Apocalyptic.

I'm submissive. My favorite types of doms are those that are maternal/protective (like moms or older sisters). I can sometimes switch if necessary.

If I see you looked at my profile and I like your profile I'm going to add you. ^^'

I do suffer from mild depression so if my replies ever dwindle then that's why.

Anyway hopefully I can get along with everyone!

Latest Questions

Q. Whats your favorite video game if you are into them?
A. I love video games! My favorite of all time is probably Pokemon SS/HG. Super nostalgic and really great games overall.
 Aug 15th 2019 23:45

Q. How would you feel if I went Ara Ara at you right now?
A. My subbiness may kick in and I'd not really be sure what to say. ^^'
But I'd love it nonetheless~!
 Aug 15th 2019 23:29

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