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(Alice May)
18 / Male / Single
Utah - United States
Hello, I'm Alice, it's nice to meet you I guess. I'm new to but a friend told me I should check it out so here I am.
Just a little info on me, as my username and profile suggest, I am a transgender female (femboy, trap, cross dresser, etc) though not yet fully transitioned. And this is actually what I'd like to roleplay as. I am up for any sort of roleplay (even the dirtier kind) as long as there is some sort of plot behind it. I will be adding mini-plot ideas to my blog so in case you can't think of anything, we have something to build a story off of.
For those of you looking for a dirtier roleplay, as I mentioned I will be playing as a trap/femboy/etc, however other than that I have basically no limits. If you're feeling uncomfortable with the roleplay or feel like it's slowing down, please say something. I understand and we will find a solution.
Rules are simple
1: Respect me and I'll respect you
2: No controlling my character
3: No 1-4 word responses when role-playing
4: Let's discuss a plot before diving in
5: None of this -> -text- If you want to roleplay in a simpler format, use (*Action* Dialogue) or (Action "Dialogue")
6: Please use proper grammar. I understand if English isn't your first language but at least try. Hey, English isn't my first language either

That's all for now, see y'all later!

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