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21 / Female / Single
United States
Hello I'm a bisexual rper. My characters are in my blog. Discord: FemaleSoldier#5584

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// my heart is hurting and I am in tears. Why do people not give me the chance to talk to them? Why do they unfriend or leave without a warning? I thought we were friends. I guess not. I am crying and shaking right now. I am leaving the site. I can not keep having people leave me for nothing and me getting attached. Pls reblog so that it can reach the person. I want to talk to them. They were my friend. Pls pls if you're seeing this friend me :(
3  Jan 16th 2021 15:05

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Hello there my name is sh*ttyjoke and if you ever wanna RP or talk I'm your man so yeah have fun on this site
Jan 15th 2021 23:26

Dec 22nd 2020 13:32

Dec 17th 2020 00:11

Yes I do, it's (Un)Fortunate Son#2828
Dec 16th 2020 22:20

No problem
Dec 7th 2020 13:10

No problem. PM me if you want to rp
Dec 7th 2020 02:42

Not a problem, I look forward to Roleplaying.
Dec 7th 2020 01:46

Yay no problem!
Dec 7th 2020 01:15

The pleasure is all mine. Thank you for sending me the friend request.
Dec 6th 2020 23:02

It was my pleasure to include you in my friend group. I really can't wait to start a friendship with you
Dec 6th 2020 19:57