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(“Brother” Staley)
21 / Male / Broken Hearted
North Carolina, Missouri - United States
Hello there, I'm Fear.

I will roleplay anything and I will answer any questions you have for me. I'm not barred by limits or rules, please just use common sense. I do not care what your skill level is and I'm willing to teach you what I know. I beg, don't read my blogs. I need to archive them and revisit them since they're ancient.

I am a gruesome and twisted human. Not to be edgy, I'm just into a lot of things people might frown upon. That can or cannot reflect in my roleplaying. Its up to you. I do not do trigger warnings so if you really have something I shouldn't do, tell me in advance.

I've done just about any kind of roleplay, so lets ponder about something unique. I like just about anything under the sun in terms of verses.

Shoutout to @LonesomeOne for making replying to them a full-time job.

Ask for my console info and my discord if you so desire.

I hope you have a fantastic day, friend.

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Latest Questions

Hetachia asked the question
Q. (I lost mine eight months ago, i know how you feel) Hmmmm....what is your favorite song?
A. That changes a lot. Probably the one on my profile.
 Mar 21st 2016 20:05

Hetachia asked the question
Q. Who are you afraid to lose in your life?
A. Grandmother.
 Mar 21st 2016 19:00

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ale j an drO
Dec 24th 2020 02:13

you are brave.
Sep 14th 2020 08:46

Long time no speaky~
May 8th 2017 18:57