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(Taishiro Toyomitsu)
22 / Male / Single
Oregon - United States
This is my 4th bnha account. Here I rp as Fatgum. Its my first time rping as him tho so I may get some things wrong but I'ma do my best.
Please don't rp right away,I like to plan things out first. Also I am dyslexic but I try my best to have good grammar and spelling.

I do ships. MxM only tho for this account.

Sometimes I get really busy. So if I stop rping but its because I'm not on,then I will get back to you as soon as I get the time. I promise.

Also I have a few more accounts. They will be in my friends list if your interested. Any with GT at the end.

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Going to be a bit busy today. Still gonna try to get replies in but I may be slow or randomly disappear.
Mood: busy
0  Jun 28th 2020 16:58

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“Woah...Manly! Thank you for the add!”
Jun 19th 2020 22:06