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Fast_and_the_curious's Blog


Name: Taylor
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Species: vampire
Body Type: fit, muscular
Appearance: white under cut hair with black re growth
Shirt: basic black graphics
Bottoms: black ripped jeans
Sexuality: pan switch
Work: doesn’t
Personality: laid back, calm, sweet, he uses his good looks and charm to get his pray
Likes: video games, drugs/alcohol, bands
Dislikes: jerks
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1 | 0 Comments | Apr 8th 2021 06:02


Name: Dean Parker
Age: 23-27 depending on rp
Gender: male
Species: human
Body Type: fit
Appearance: short brown hair with a little stubble
Shirt: flannel or leather jacket
Bottoms: jeans
Sexuality: bi, switch
Work: Anything for money
Personality: depending on rp
light rps- bubbly, protective, friendly
dark rps- addict, can be mentally unstable, kinda a d*ck, protective
Kinks/limits: doesn’t care as long as they both have fun
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1. Don’t go off at me for writing small, I’m here to relax not write a book but I also will try not to give one sentence
2. Don’t approach in character, I like to talk about the rp before we start
3. I’m ok with dark themes but warn me if it involves my character
4. Please no one under 17, it just makes me uncomfortable sorry
5. You add you text it’s pretty simple
6. 3rd person only
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4 | 0 Comments | Apr 4th 2021 04:58