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“I took out a comma.” “Indeed,” returned the enemy of literature, “is that all you did?” Oscar [Wilde], with a sweet smile, said, “By no means; on mature reflection I put back the comma.” This was too much for the Philistine, who took the next train to London.
-Oscar's Morning Work

Hello guys, gals, and non-binary pals!
How are you today? Good? I hope so. Bad? Well, if rping can help with that, shoot me a pm and I'll be glad to do so.
I can rp anything, rules will be/are posted in my blog. If you want to rp something I am unfamiliar with but can explain the key concepts of I will be happy to participate and am very willing to use google to fill in some blanks. The list on my profile of 'Verses' does not do justice to my many fandoms, so all you gotta do is ask.
As for the stuff I do know, I am more adept rping OCs but am willing to attempt a butcher of a canon char if the plot demands it.

Please do check my rules in the blog either before you shoot me a pm or as we start talking- I'll likely mention them as we talk/rp but there's no harm in reading through them quickly.