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Special abilities: Controling the thunder
Luciana is the daughter of the god and the goddess of the thunder. She was born on Earth, as the two parents were cursed to
have a child, but only if it lived on Earth. They communicated during the night. Luciana lives on a hill, with lots of trees and hiding places, because she can't be found. Nobody really goes to that hill, so she is mostly safe. Her parents really love her and guide her, so she is protected, she isn't depressed and happy. Her mother, Hera, taught her how to work with lightings and how to control them. Her father, Zeus, taught her how to create lightings and make thunder.
Lets see her house. It is a small one, but it is big enough for her and her needs. She had a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. Luckily, she also had a garden. Since she couldn't really be seen, she can't go out for walks, traina sport or anything like this, the
garden was an amazing option. Now, the house may be small, but the garden is enourmous. It has a place for growing fruits,vegetables. It also has a place for relaxing, with a nice fountain and a bench. Another place is her flower garden.
You may be wondering, how come her life is special? Well, except of the fact that she can controll the thunder, is a princess, can communicate with gods(aka her parents), she can visit the world above. Yeah, that's true! Just a normal, well not so normal, human girl can go to both the sides, without even dying. That's mostly the story of her life..
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Abilities: Telepathy
Darayah was born by a Demon Woman and a Devil Man in hell. When she was 3 years old, she got the brain of a 10 year old,
since demons and devils learn very fast. At 3 years old her mother and father went for a five year trip, without her.
Most of the devils hated her, because she was a "half-blood" and devils really want other devils to be pure blooded.
After a year, 4 year old Darayah was kicked out by the devils, so she lived at the demons' kingdom. But there the rules
were way too strict and she couldn't do everything, so at 5 years old she escaped and went on our planet - Earth. There
she had to kill people and animals to survive. She lived in an underground base all there 3 years until her parents
returned and sent other demons to find her. Then her possibilites were limited and she was only 8, even if she had
the brain of a 20 year old. During the day she was taking food and other things, so during night she could hide.
When she became 10, she went back to hell and killed both her parents, so she can punish them for leaving her to
the other demons and devils. The demons really respected her after that, since they were living very strict because of
her mother, ad now they can be free. She went on Earth again after a year and she killed many robbers and murderers for
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Special abilities: Strength
Selena is a warrior, the most respected one, since she is the daughter of Rolo, the king of Landow. Landow was a kingdom,
with futuristic houses and things. Selena was born at one of the World Wars. Selena hid with her mother and after two
years,she was two and the war ended. They went back to the castle and lived there, while the builders were fixing some of
it. But there was a problem. One of the "maids" was actually a murderer and an enemy, but no one knew. They killed Selena's
mother - Leona. After that Rolo told his daughter that she is in danger and that she should be careful and not leave
the castle, except if her father told her. Rolo taught his daughter many fighting techniques and self-defense ones,
so if danger approaches, she could stab it right in the heart.
One day her father got killed by someone, but nobody knew who. She was 15 by that time and she didn't know what to do.
Since she was a princess by blood, she ordered to the warriors to find the person that killed him. While this time was
passing by, she went into a weird place, where there was a wizard. He taught her other techniques and most importantly -
showed her how to get extra strength whenever she needed it. She then knew every possible fighting technique, with any
weapon or with bare-hands. The warriors found the person, she killed him.
When she turned 18, a new war started and she was the one to win. Everyone from her country greeted her happily and proudly
that their future Queen will be brave and strong enough to save them. By that time, she was only a warrior, very close
to a Queen.
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Special abilities: Talking with animals
Aura is a poor girl,who lives in the forests and usually goes to the jungles. Her parents died when she was 7 years old, so she started surviving by herself, in the nature, when a group of tigers "adopted her" and taught her to talk with animals. Now she is wandering around the forests and jungles daily, looking for friends, no matter if they are humans, creatures or animals. She lives in a small cave. Her room is quite small as well, because it contains a bed, which is made by leaves and also some pillows, crafted by leaves as well. The room also has a very small table, on which Aura keeps a lamp, made hardly with stuff from the nature and a hard leaf filled with the water from the pond near her house. Her 'parents' tigers have the ability to make clothes very beautiful, so under that same table she had a few dresses and other clothes very carefully made with many details. On top of them there were her accessories. Also the room contained a few books, dropped by humans passing by, which she learnt to read with the help of the super-talanted-tigers and the room also had a small free space. Most of Aura's friends are animals, because she is a little afraid of the humans.
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Special abilities: Turning into a werewolf and night vision
Seraphyn is the princess of the Moon. She was born in a small house, by a Queen and by a werewolf. She can turn into a werewolf, too. Most nights she tries to stay inside the house, but she cant so she goes out for a small walk and soon enough she turns into a werewolf. Her mother, Jamena, Queen of the Night, built a bigger house, far far away from theirs' only for her, by the time she was 15, because many people were searching for Jamena and wanting to kill her. The people found her and her husband and both of them were taken down. Seraphyn got sad and she was crying for days, but she didn't know that the moon wasn't showing up, because she was sad. She didn't turn into a werewolf these days, so she got happy again. While these days were on, she went outside for walks and stayed out for a long time, so her eyes got used to it and soon enough she earned night vision. She was scared to talk to or show up to humans, because they knew about her but they didn't know where she lived. They were searching for her as well. Seraphyn got lonely and one day she met a small white cat, which had the same eye color, pink, as Seraphyn's. She was able to talk and listen only to that cat, and no other animal. She found out that the cat was immortal, and the cat, named Ginny, told Seraphyn that by the age of 16, she will be immortal, too.
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