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21 / Male / Single
Pennsylvania - United States
Im a male wolf anthro furry who loves to roleplay. I also loves to make friends and have a long lasting friendship ^~^.

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Q. So you relax cold? (O.o)
/ |
A. not really
 Feb 2nd 2017 00:23

Q. If your chill wouldn't you be cold? (>0.0)>
A. kinda but relaxin
 Feb 2nd 2017 00:13

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She shrugged at his action and sighed, walking back down the hall. "Uh, I need to go... Tonight Fintan anoints a new Grand Elder, then we speak with StellaMaris." She said and waved at the anthro. "But I will see you again, right?!" she added hastily. {you do yours then we can timeskip to the later, okay?}
Feb 3rd 2017 12:11

The girl chuckled nervously, and walked over.
Feb 3rd 2017 08:56

She blocked him out rushing to the half of the ruins, then lowered to a crouch and growled softly. The rabbit looked around, then returned to grazing. She smirked and creeped forwards, going silent. lurching forward she dug her claws in it' shide adn bit it's neck swiftly, yet strong, killing it instantly. Looking up she removed the fresh-kill from her jaws, she looked back at the anthropoid and bloodily smiled.
Feb 2nd 2017 15:40

"if you stay for a while, the situation would remain the same, but they might cause more serious harm... they get suspicious..." She trailed off, seeing prey out in the open woods.
Feb 2nd 2017 14:26

"They are only now away from the exit, not fully gone. If you where to leave now though they would give little to no harm.." She informed the anthro.
Feb 2nd 2017 12:28

"very well..." she roared softly and they retreated.
Feb 2nd 2017 11:58

"good?!" what do you mean, good?! That doesn't explain a thing at all!" Her voice dropped to a low growl. in moments the entrance was guarded by a horde of older, stronger dragons. "Now please," her voice was monotonous "tell me, how did YOU find these ruins.
Feb 2nd 2017 11:23

A swift strong wind comforted her as she now knew she had back-up if this stranger where to attack."So, h-how'd you find the ruins?" Evergrace asked trying not to sound anymore confident than before her recon had shown up.
Feb 2nd 2017 11:10

Outside of the broken hall, leaves ruffled and a black figure shot through the air. "just incase..." she muttered.
Feb 2nd 2017 09:49

oh... your not a guard" She sighs. "Sorry, it's just not as safe as it used to be in these woods..." She explained adn chuffed deeply.
Feb 1st 2017 16:22