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(Cynder Rayne)
22 / Female / Married
California - United States
Welcome to my page!

Read my rules please (: -->

A little about me... I've been roleplaying on and off for about 11 years, it may take some time to get back to people because I work full-time Monday - Friday 7:30 to 4PM PST, so please bear with me.

I'm fine with ero*rp, but I don't want it to just be like.. gettin it on every response >_> I like actual plots please and build up. If you're just here for the devil's tango, bye felicia <3

Here are my OC's that I have on this site so far, if any of them interest you please dm me and let me know if you have any ideas! I'm open to a lot of suggestions...*


*Note: I can and will change these characters to fit plot scenarios so if you like the character but want something different about them (abilities, looks, background, etc) let me know!
Aight, if you care enough here's some fun facts about me:

Let's go with some generic questions...

Name?: You can call me Cynder, or Destery or Fallen or Angel or Fallen Angel... these are my aliases, whichever floats your boat is fine with me. I only give my real name to those I really trust.

Age(Birthday?): 22, October 28th, scorpio ftw (;

Pets? I have an adorable Corgi named Fawkes (after the phoenix from harry potter)

Speaking of Harry Potter, house? I'm a Ravenclaw.

Favorite color: Blue, purple is a close second.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti :3 and then mint chocolate chip ice cream ;P

Favorite Song: This is really hard to pick so I'll narrow it down to like a top 10 in no particular order + this changes ALL THE TIME...

1. Hate Me - Ellie Goulding ft Juice Wrld
2. God is a Woman - Ariana Grande
3. Hot Girl Bummer - Blackbear
4. Cleanin' out my closet - Eminem
5. I've Been Waiting - Lil Peep & ILoveMakonnen feat. Fall Out Boy
6. Cherish - Ai Otsuka
7. My Oh My - Camila Cabello
8. South of the Border - Ed Sheeran & Camilla Cabello (WITHOUT!! Cardi B)
9. Perfect - Ed Sheeran
10. 1-800-273-8255 - Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid

Uhm, that's all I can think of putting in here. ^^ If you want to know more about me feel free to ask. I'm an open book for the most part and if I find it interesting enough I'll probably add onto the list.

If you made it this far congratulations... have a cookie :D *gives cookie*

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Hi you guys! Sorry for my late replies, things have been crazy, I'm making my way through replies right now. I'm off today and tomorrow so I should have some time to get a couple of replies going.
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3  Jul 3rd 2020 21:17

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