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(Faelynn Darkwood)
19 / Female / Single
Oklahoma - United States
I love to roleplay. I love animals, reading music, singing, forests. If you want to roleplay with me I mainly do Fantasy, Action, Adventure, romance, and Supernatural so if you want to send me a friend request go ahead. I'm usually okay with most genres of roleplay and I hope I can be a great roleplay partner. So see ya, friend request me if you want to. Also if I send you a friend request or you send me one and I don't message you or accept you right away, I may be asleep or busy. The same reasoning applies for a message. Please don't think I am ignoring you, I will get to you as soon as I can. I hope we can create great roleplays. Also, don't let my characters lead you off, I don't mainly for anime. I am open to anything and I would love to do real life roleplay.
@Emerald-Warrior is my bestie, he has put up with my craziness and my spamming and he has been one of my first friends on this site. I have a lot of great friends on this site but Emerald is a great guy to become friends with.

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