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(Haru Okomura)
22 / Female / In a Relationship
Canberra, Australia

Why hello there! Nice of you to check out my profile.
I like most types of roleplays as long as they involve romance, I can do MxF and FxF. I try my best to make our rp the best it can be and I hope you will too ^^

I'd appreciate if you checked out my rules before friending me:

Latest Status

Hello again! It's been a while hasn't it? Well there a pretty good reason for it. I felt bad to leave you guys on read so I just wanted to explain myself, I've gotten into a relationship with a girl that I love a lot, we're very happy together and get along super well, however, she doesn't like me writing fanfiction with other people, saying that it makes her uncomfortable.

That's basically it, if it doesn't work out then I'll be back, otherwise this is goodbye, love you all
Mood: loved
7  May 12th 2022 15:21

Latest Questions

Mr_Frost asked the question
Q. You stand in a room with two doors, one blue that smells like yasmin tea and one that is yellow that smells like fresh soda. In which door do you go?
A. Hm.. the yellow one
 Feb 16th 2022 10:45

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yesss!
 Jan 20th 2022 16:16

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Hey! Got busy, I'll be sending a reply today!
Mar 15th 2022 05:21