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Evret's Blog

Skipton Thorndyke

Nickname: Skip
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hight: 5'6"
Weight: 127lbs

Personally: Always looking over his shoulder, skittish but sarcastic, kind to a fault. Tends to over react then thinking through dangerous situations

Bio: Skipton was always unlucky. In fact he was born unlucky. The gods decided to have fun with his life and give him a blessing. A blessing that gave him the most horrible dumb luck possible. Anything Skipton tried, did or touched somehow managed to mess up in the most horrific way possible, yet he would always come out unscathed. He has been kicked out of cities due to his misfortune, and is also in the run from a kingdom for accidental murder of a guard. However through all his bad times he made one friend. A small outcast of a dragon no bigger than a quarter named Illusio who followed Skipton enjoying the ciaos that always followed him.
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Twoshamara Nightshade

Twoshamara was born into a world that was falling apart. The economy was falling and people were after each other's throats. He turned the age of 24 when the apocalypse started and he swore to himself he would help any human from the undead that now threatened his world.

Nick names: Two, Mara

Age: 24

Sex: male

Race: human

Interests: parkour, killing zombies, putting himself in dangerous situations, sparing with anyone who likes to fight, Root beer

Dislikes: Anyone who puts themselves on a higher pedestal than others, zombies, staying in one place, expressing himself to others.

Weapons: he prefers to use swords, knives and daggers as fire arms are too loud and would bring unwanted attention.

Personality: Twoshamara is a full on adrenaline junkie, he enjoys being silly and random Infront of kids to keep them happy but normally keeps to himself otherwise. He is kind but guarded, and holds grudges for longer than anyone should
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