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(Amber ....)
20 / Female / Single
, NSW - Australia
--This account is finally being updated--
Welcome to the little hole in the wall I call my profile, honestly, there are so many ways to set this up I do not know what to do to be invited anymore.

My name is A, I have been roleplay for about 7years now and am happy to be anyone's friend. Whether it's a person to rant to, talk, or of course roleplay just pop me a message I don't bite... Much. I will reply the best I can I am in Australia for all you timezone junkies, so I will do my best to reply to you then and there or when I can, I tend to write about the little details because I doubt you want to hear about my shirt 57 times over Hence why I am called Every Other Thing.

Enough of my ramble I hope for those that have stayed that this Introduction was pleasant enough and I hope to see your request or that you have accepted my request soon~

My Current List of Pre-set/ base Oc's:

AND My rules that are slowly being re-written and updated:

Along with Fandoms:

Latest Status

Do check back as in my downtime I am adding to the fandoms list.
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2  Jan 18th 2022 12:28

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