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21 / Other / Single
Hi everyone! I’m just a person looking to have some fun if you catch my drift, and I love women with a little extra... both playing as one and my partner being

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♡Shout me out, yeah?♡



2  Oct 13th 2020 18:40

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Q. You getting tired or something? You have started taking a while to respond
A. Yeah, I was. Sorry
 Apr 23rd 2020 01:42

FyreWulf asked the question
Q. is our rp going ok?
A. Oh yeah, it’s going fine! Was just having dinner!
 Apr 14th 2020 21:44

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Really sorry to bother you again for an RP reply. I know you must be busy.
Aug 19th 2020 20:20

are you bored of our rp?
May 20th 2020 18:36

Nice to meet you, too!
May 6th 2020 14:06

I'm Cat!
May 6th 2020 14:00

I have a new account, want to do a second rp?
Apr 24th 2020 18:48

happy easter
Apr 12th 2020 17:20

Feb 10th 2020 09:02

Your turn
Feb 2nd 2020 12:33