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(Agony's Embrace)
115 / Female / Single and Looking
"Hate and love are just two words for passion."

Welcome to my profile, lovelies~ this will be the only time I'll publicly break out of character so I can debrief you on my purpose here: I'm looking to play as Evelynn, the League of Legends champion. Angst, psychological torment, gore and poisonous romances are just a few topics among the terrible things that can unfold in my stories.

I'll mostly accept men, but a woman can also be let in if she becomes the apple of my eye. Regardless of gender, make sure you tread carefully around me, because I bite~

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"Your favorite nightmare~ ♡"
Mood: aroused
5  Nov 24th 2020 17:35

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Ugh... you bore me.
 Oct 25th 2020 10:56

Latest Comments

"Then let us retreat to our chamber...I'm sure there's lots do..."
Nov 26th 2020 05:16

"Oh love...for you, I make exceptions...we will share...everything...Isn't that fair?"
Nov 26th 2020 05:12

"But love...Wouldn't letting them know give them a chance to get a head-start in running? Then again I suppose...That's only more the fun."
Nov 26th 2020 04:51

"Likewise, dearest. We can start by...messing someone else's day...or night? I've missed the delightful screams of horror and weeping for mercy~"
Nov 26th 2020 04:38

"Thought I smelled someone familiar...If it isn't the cloak of darkness herself. I wonder what was it that drew you to this place, but nevertheless, it's a fact there's bound to be...our kind of fun wherever you're going. Don't be a stranger love, unless you want me to steal more of your prey?" She'd comment with a giggle.
Nov 26th 2020 04:27