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(Eunbin (and other characters in me blog :3 ) Kwon)
19 / Female / Single
Korea (South)
Shy at times

Also nickname is Giant Maknae. XD

pole dancing

Don't know what to say :)

Also I am a very busy person. So sorry if I don't reply in a while.

Also make sure you look at all of my characters on my blog please ^^
I do gay, bisexual and other ones too. I have girl and boy both.

Latest Questions

Boruto asked the question
Q. will you be able to respond soon? Sorry for asking
A. No, it's okay. I am now. I had a big exam today. So yesterday I had to get good sleep and study
 Mar 26th 2019 22:39

Boruto asked the question
Q. ready to keep RPing?
A. Yes, just been busy. Sorry
 Mar 26th 2019 21:35

Latest Comments

make a discord for me
Mar 27th 2019 01:19

don't you love me I have discord do you
I love to show you what you are enjoying
Mar 26th 2019 22:32

i want to f*** you so hard an make us both cum baby
Mar 24th 2019 10:09

I hope you come back soon
Mar 16th 2019 02:05

I always love you
Mar 4th 2019 22:43

I hold you tight
I am so sorry for your dad an frien
lets cuddle I will never let you go ok
Mar 4th 2019 12:03

I love an miss you so much xxxxxooxoxox
Mar 4th 2019 11:24

I am so sorry I offed you foegive me
Feb 20th 2019 23:54

you an i need a 3 some with iwtfuh
Feb 10th 2019 22:37

I love you
Jan 30th 2019 16:31