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25 / Female / Forever Alone
Arkansas - United States
Hello Darlings~

(I had an old account on this site, but have been locked out of it for some time. I managed to get it removed and have started a new account, so if you were roleplaying with username Demona, that's me I just got around to getting things back together to restart my account.)

Moving on... I'm an roleplayer with lots of experience. I enjoy detailed stories throughout a variety of genres and categories. Writing has always been an enjoyable hobby of mine and have written many poems, short stories and the like. I enjoy romance genres the best, with other categories such as fantasy, supernatural, medieval, etc. As a lover of historical eras, I do enjoy period based romances the best. I do lots of genres, settings, etc. So if you have a plot or story you've thought up that i'd enjoy, message me and tell me about it. I'll be adding a list of rules and characters to my blog for those interested in writing together.

Let's write a story together~

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