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(Marius Brunsmeier)
25 / Male / Married
Hallo! Welcome to my profile!

Yes, my character is based out of WW2. Yes, he's a German soldier. No, he's not a Nazi.


No God modding.
No one-liners.
Be respectful.
You add, you talk. If you don't I'll give you a poke after three days. No response after that and you'll be removed from my friends list.

If you can tell me who I based my characters name around, I'll give you a snickerdoodle.

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Got told I look like a MLP.
2  May 25th 2024 17:17

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Q. R u free to continue
A. Maybe tonight. I have a party to get to tomorrow and I have to cook and bake for it.
 May 25th 2024 17:30

Q. I replied
A. I'm working.
 May 24th 2024 15:19

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