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Enzo-'s Blog


Okay, I admit it. I'm a real degenerate.
I love being humiliated for having a small d*ck . I love it so much, so please do it, be rude, offend me the most. I will simply adore you and be forever grateful for that.
I'm only 2 inches hard and I deserve to be extremely humiliated for that.
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OC - Enzo Sollozzo

Name: Enzo Sollozzo Andrade
Nationality: Brazilian
Birthday: April 05, 2005
Sign: Aries
Country actual: United States of America
City: Idaho Falls
Address: 1370 Presto St

Gender: Male
Orientation: Pan
Height: 163.2 cm (14) - 173.5 cm (21+)
Weight: 57 kg (14) - 78 kg (21+)

Schooling: Complete High School.
Ocupation: Student/Unemployed.
Language: Portuguese, English, Spanish,
Brazilian Sign Language and American Sign Language.

Appearance: The haircut has always remained the same, just above eye level, neither too short nor too long. Her tone is dominantly blonde. When younger, the color was much lighter and more intense, but over the years the color darkened.
His eyes followed the same trend. At the beginning of their youth they were green as the most polished emerald, but their color was lost over time, becoming slightly dull.
He has always been careful about his physique, keeping it athletic and definite.
Light skin, but with shades pale as it gets older.
No tatto
No piercing
Scars: Forehead, left arm, stomach, chest, scapula, mouth and cheek.

Sex: 2 times. With different girls.
Inches: 2 hard. Soft is irrelevant. It does not make any noticeable volume in the pants.
Balls: Small, like a ping pong ball.
Ass: Bubble. Loose hole due to his background.
Kinks: Inevitably, due to Stockholm syndrome, everything that hurts him also pleases him. So the more humiliating and painful, the more he will fall in love. Into sph mainly.


Briefly relevant = He lived in Brazil until he was ten years old, then came to the USA with his parents. Both, working in medicine, soon stay on duty for a long time, becoming absent for the boy. Enzo has learned to handle himself, and so spends most of his time.


> February 27, 2017
He found pleasure in nicotine, starting to smoke in order to relieve his pain.
One night of that smoking house, he was attacked by a wolf, which left his bite scars on his right arm. Since then hates wolves.

> August, 2019
Met Amiyah and Emily.
He bonded with both of them, but became very close to Emily.
Emily ended the relationship with him.
He eventually finds out that Amiyah influenced their breakup by staying with the boy. They end up together for a short time, long enough for her to demonstrate her true attitudes: to play with her feelings and humiliate him by spreading nude throughout the school.

> September, 2019
The boy finds a squared paper, divided into four small squares, drawn with a boy traveling the moon with a bicycle, in his mailbox. Wondering what it could be, but still unsure, he puts it in his mouth, finding out the hard way that it was LSD.
After hallucinations and heavy pain for a week, he finds contact from a doctor who can help him.
In the end, it turns out that this doctor was the one who drugged him, and just wanted to experiment with him in a torturous and painful way.

> November, 2019
He meets Sakura, a sweet girl from his school. She had various psychotic tendencies, but he was blinded by love, which drifted off his Stockholm syndrome. The courtship lasted almost a year, and eventually it wore out: he had the strength to see reality, and she had already sucked in almost everything from him, so there was nothing more to enjoy. She marked him permanently, making a heart on his right shoulder blade, and a cut scar on his cheek.

> March 01, 2021
It was kidnapped. He hates to talk about it, and so few know. Your parents sure don't know. He got a scar on his forehead by breaking a lamp with his head, one on his chest, and another on his stomach, where it apparently opened.

> October, 2024
Even with the financial support of his parents, the boy felt stagnant, and with an empty head of good ideas, he started looking for new adventures. He got involved with some gang girls, which resulted in a broken heart, a vertical cut of the lips, and a burnt arm. But he recovered.

> March, 2025
Just an update on the boy's health: despite so many scars, he lives normally. Your heart remains kind and pure, always ready to want it broken again. Your Stockholm syndrome prevails, looking for a cute netorare girl, to deceive and hurt him. ❤


Every RP I will constantly use this character.
The world and its history will be the same for any RP.
So whatever happens to him, I will report on his timeline, thus updating his sheet. If he relates to someone, gets hurt, if he has a bad day, if he loses a relative; exactly all that is relevant will be reported.
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28 | 3 Comments | Aug 27th 2019 17:01