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(Amy Lang)
20 / Female / In Like
You don't need to know >:P, Pennsylvania - United States
Hi how are ya i'm EnterUsernameHerePlz/ Amy I love role playing which explains why i'm here. I also like Fantasy role plays so if you ever wanna do any fantasy rp come to me oh and if you have any ideas don't be afraid to share them cuz most of the time I have nothing =-= (sorry) and sometimes I can do any kind that you want so basically if you ever wanna role play at all come to me ^-^ (BTW I play as both male and female)

Latest Questions

Q. now @EnterUsernameHerePlz how are you! so cute? >:3
A. I truly was just made that way <3
 May 24th 2019 09:09

Q. How are chu so cute? >~<
A. I just am ;3
 May 24th 2019 08:38

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oh my gawd you're so cute. I just want to pinch your cheeks T^T
Jun 10th 2019 18:20