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(Sean Cyinide)
25 / Male / Single
The City Where the Angel Pawned it's Own Halo, California - United States
. ⤛Sean Cyinide⤜

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤTattoo Artist / Professional Smartass / Owner and Operator

(Okay seriously how tf do I center this?)

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i just saw this on twitter
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Hi thanks for accepting!~~!~~! I hope we can be good friends and everything. Would you like to get a good storyline going? oh and for the record, I just do whatever length I can I don't really do a specific length!~ See ya soon hopefully!!~~
Apr 15th 2019 11:23

Thank you for adding me, looking forward to creating an epic storyline with you in the near future. :3 <3
Apr 7th 2019 11:12

Will do. :)
Feb 8th 2019 19:07

Thanks for accepting.
Feb 2nd 2019 00:54