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EmotionlessBarbie's Blog

New Adventures (Hope , Klaus & Caroline RP)

*Roleplay lenght is up to the writer , the starter might be longer than expected due to it setting the beginning but you dont need to match it.

* Roleplay writting order Caroline / Klaus / Hope

* Users for the storyline @TendToBYourLast @Darkest_Demons

The famous New Orleands a city she┬┤d heard from long before she ever though she would end up visiting it , but now there she was in a relationship with a man that had gotten under her skin for years , making her question herself , making her challenge her own believes and most of all forming her into the women she had become, he had been the darkness her light felt drawn to but avoided , he had also been the man to join her in the darkness path she had been forced to by the death of her mother and along the way her emotions hadnt been able to keep him away anymore , even after facing the pain of her lost and the regret of some of her actions and comments to people she considered her friends before she couldnt lie to herself on what she wanted and the life she would have now, a life probably stable on New Orleands with occasional trips, a life of ruling the city beside the man she loved but her new life had brought something unexpected a new daughter in a way, it had been a while since Klaus had actually brough himself to tell Caroline about his daughter the one that had started by the one night stand he had with Hayley . She would have found interesting seen her again in this bizarre situation but sadly that was not going to be possible , Hayley had died leaving Klaus and his family as the only ones incharge of Hope and now Caroline would have to find a way to be apart of her life in a mother figure and a friend type which . She kept her usual positive attitude to Klaus on how things would go now that he was finally taking her to New Orleands to meet the daughter he loved and the city he ruled. Been on summer from the school she was attending to which her friend Bonnie ran Caroline knew Hope was not a little girl which made her a bit nervous she knew how teenagers would be and with Klaus and Hayleys personalitys she had no idea what to expect about meeting Hope as she stepped into the compound holding Klaus hand her eyes looked around "So this is your Castle? It looks like it has been here for a very long time " she smiled softly looking back at him.
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