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(Isarus Raelag)
26 / Male / Single
Ancient woods, Other world - Ireland
Just a naughty elf ready to have fun.

RL profiles won't be accepted unless you have a fantasy oc.

Male invites and stalker will be blocked. Nothing personal, just narrowing the range of interests

Both plotbased and steamy-based are welcomed.

No minors please.

I have time abosorbing work so I tend to dissappear once in a while

Eurpean time, not new here

Roleplay details in my blog

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clening in my messages as I got a bit overwhelmed. With the number. I will be unfriending inactive users (for example the ones who had never reply to my greetings) and rp's I consider low effort (mostly para close to one liner). If even after unfriending you will still like to rp, feel free to hit me up again, but this time we will have to think of something. To the ones who await reply, please be patientwith me. Going from the oldest rp's I will meet you soon
1  Mar 30th 2023 02:08

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