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(Lord Raven )
31 / Female / Single
Minnesota - United States
Hi I’m raven

Name: raven

Age: 30

Elf age: 300

Info: Raven is elf knight granted by Elrond she is knight and bodyguard

Fellowship of the ring: During the fellowship of the ring raven wanted to go with companions as boromir was her love to help Frodo and the ring to Mordor when counsel came she agreed to help nine companions through the Journey she lost boromir in Moria to help Aragorn, Legolas , Gimli , Mary and pippin

Personality: Fearless, Brave , Helpful, caring

Hobbies: , reading magic , sword fighting , meditation , hunting

Sexuality: pansexual


21 + romance and n*fw dark mature theme lord of the rings, the hobbit , marvel and D.C. universe

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